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IVF not to cause autism in children

IVF not to cause autism in children

Since extracorporeal fertilization has become widely used for infertility treatment, regular researches are carried out to access its influence on the health of the mother and the child. And it´s natural because these who are opposed to IVF claim frequently that this AR Technique is hazardous. Some decades ago they stated confidently that “test tube children” were sterile and would never be able to achieve pregnancy naturally. Only when these “children” had grown up and become parents, all talks about their infertility became senseless.

By the way, they were saying a lot about psychological and physical defects which children born through IVF might develop. However, there is no proof of it so far. In this connection researches carried out over five years show that IVF is not a factor causing autism in children. The researchers examined more than 2000 children affected by autism and arrived at a conclusion that extracorporeal fertilization doesn’t cause the named pathology. During the previous research, which states the contrary, such factors as parents’ age and health condition were not considered, add the researchers.

N.B. autism is a disorder of brain development which is characterized by impaired social interaction and communication.

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