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Paracetamol in pregnancy may harm fetus reproductive system

Paracetamol in pregnancy may harm fetus reproductive system

Scottish specialists do not recommend that pregnant women should be careful when taking paracetamol over a long period of time. Rod Mitchell, who is one of the researchers, noted that the painkiller may lead to kick-start reproductive problems in male babies. This is why pregnant women by no means should disregard the painkiller misusing, it should be taken only if necessary and for the shortest possible time or replaced by another medicine.

The scientists have made such findings after researches during which painkiller effects on testosterone production in mice with implanted human fetus testicle tissue were examined. Such operation was necessary to create the conditions that simulated the fetus testicle development.

The specialists injected paracetamol to mice throughout 24 hours and then evaluated testosterone levels. But when given doses for just one day, it appeared to have no effect. The scientists continued the experiment and injected paracetamol during the week and, thereafter, mesured testosterone levels again. This time its concentration was two times less.

At the moment the researches are not ready to answer exactly how paracetamol affects testosterone production, but warned pregnant women against taking this painkiller repeatedly nevertheless.

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