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Chili pepper to increase testosterone in men

Chili pepper to increase testosterone in men

French researchers have found out how to increase testosterone in men without medicines.

Over 100 men aged 18-40 participated in the survey. The researchers suggested the participants should add some chili sauce in mashed potatoes. After meals they did a blood test for testosterone. The researchers came to a conclusion that the highest testosterone level was found in those who had added a lavish portion of chili in their potatoes.

As for the influence of chili pepper on testosterone in women, it hasn’t been studied yet.

A higher level of testosterone increases such qualities as manliness, spirit of enterprise and propensity for risk. Testosterone levels increase also influences sexual activity.

By the way, testosterone is a steroid hormone due to which an embryo develops masculine characters. Gonadotropins increase testosterone production in young men in their teens, which brings about changes in their voice timbre, hair growth on their body and face, muscle mass increase and sexual desire. Testosterone is indispensable for normal spermatogenesis, i.e. spermatozoa production and maturation.

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