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Dr. Tatyana Trubina

Dr. Tatyana Trubina
Speciality: Obstetrician-gynecologist
Experience: more than 15 years.


  • Kirov State Medical Academy, Faculty of Medicine. The major is medical business;
  • Kirov State Medical Academy, clinical internship, specialty - obstetrics and gynecology;
  • St. Petersburg medical Academy of postgraduate education, course “Colposcopy with the basics of colposytology”;
  • Federal state budgetary institution " Federal center of heart, blood and endocrinology named after V. A. Almazov" Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, course "Clinical obstetrics (practical course with using simulation platforms and birth simulators) ";
  • Ryazan State Medical University, "Ultrasound diagnostics" course, primary specialization;
  • RUDN University of Russia, "Laparoscopy in Gynecology" course, refresher course;
  • Center for Endosurgery in Kazan, "Laparoscopy in Gynecology" course, practice in the operating room.

Research Interests

  • Pregnancy management of all trimesters
  • Pregravid preparation
  • Consultation and management of patients with various gynecological pathologies, including cervical pathology with using colposcopic diagnostic methods. Treatment of cervical diseases using radio waves and laser techniques.

Operative gynecology

  • minor gynecological surgeries (diagnostic curettage, hysteroscopy, suture surgery on the cervix);
  • laparoscopic surgeries on the uterine appendages (chromohydrotubation, salpingo-ovariolysis, conservative ovarian surgery, conservative surgery for tubal pregnancy, tubectomy, sterilization operation);
  • laparotomy operations on the uterus (conservative operations on the ovaries, conservative operations on tubal pregnancy, tubectomy, surgery to remove tubal-ovarian inflammatory formations, sterilization);
  • laparotomy operations on the uterus (small cesarean section, conservative myomectomy, supravaginal amputation of the uterus).
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