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Efficient IVF factors

One of the most important factors influencing the IVF outcome is the patient’s age.

The rate of pregnancies achieved with the help of IVF is higher in the group of couples under 35 years. Unfortunately, even if a woman is absolutely strong, a possibility of achieving pregnancy decreases in mature age. To achieve it you have to undergo several IVF rounds.

If you are of mature age and your goal is to achieve pregnancy by means of IVF, it is advisable to request it in a specialized IVF clinic which efficiently applies the Assisted Reproduction Techniques.

One of the important factors of an efficient IVF is an accurate diagnosing. The crucial point is to find out the causes of the failure to conceive a long-desired child. A well-timed and accurate diagnosis helps to select more precise and efficient treatment methods for a woman.

In this article, we would like to dwell upon how you can influence IVF outcome both on the stage of preparation for it and on the stage of extracorporeal fertilization.

How to enhance IVF efficiency?

  • To have a healthy lifestyle. This is one of the crucial factors and an answer to the question of how you can enhance IVF positive outcome.
    Alcohol, nicotine, caffeine abuse and stress affect women’s fertility in a most negative way and reduce the possibility to achieve pregnancy. You can have a cup of coffee, but it shouldn’t be strong. You should have no more than two cups of it. Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited.
  • Another factor which makes IVF treatment more efficient is a healthy diet. It should comprise various types of meals and be rich with protein and vitamins. Your diet shouldn’t be oversaturated with fats. During the preparation for IVF or IVF treatment itself, a woman should consume pills rich with minerals and vitamins which are usually prescribed to pregnant women. It is recommended to abstain from diets during this period. It is also undesirable to take pills which are contra-indicated to women in a baby coming way. If you catch a cold, don’t try to do self-treatment and take medicines without consulting a doctor.
  • Be positive-thinking and believe in a good outcome, follow and do the doctor’s prescriptions. Try to avoid stress and negative emotions. And you will surely get pregnant!

A great number of patients who come to Nova Clinic is those who have already had failed IVF attempts. We believe that they come to our clinic because our doctors are willing to find out a cause and a way out of their aggravated situation. Infertility treatment in our medical center is a thorough preparation to every IVF arrangement, individual approach to each of the medical aspects which may increase a possibility to achieve pregnancy.