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Surrogacy – what is it?

Despite the fact that the procedure has been effectively used to overcome infertility for several decades, many patients ask questions: “What is surrogacy? How does it work? Is this program legal in Russia? ”

Surrogacy is one of methods of assisted reproduction technologies applied when a woman is not able to carry and deliver a baby due to her poor health state. Thirty years ago the only way out of such a situation was adoption. Nowadays infertility problem can be successfully solved, even if ametria is diagnosed to a woman.

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We would like to tell you in detail what the procedure is and how surrogacy is managed at the clinic, focusing on each significant stage. The point of the program is that a surrogate mother bears a child who does not have a genetic relationship with her.

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The process of surrogate motherhood – how fertilization occurs

An embryo in a surrogacy program is obtained by in vitro fertilization (IVF), where the eggs of the biological mother (or of an egg donor) are fertilized with the sperm of the biological father (or of a sperm donor). After that, the embryo is transferred to a surrogate mother, who is contractually obligated to hand the child to the mother and father after delivery. The spouses will be registered as the legal parents of the baby in the Civil Registry office. It should also be noted that within surrogate motherhood programs, the statistics of successful IVF are better than the average for the population. This is due to the fact that all surrogate mothers have excellent reproductive health.

How the surrogacy procedure does work

First of all, we would like to mention that in Russia surrogacy is absolutely legal and regulated by the current legislation.

As usual, married couples seek assistance at specialized surrogacy clinics, which are competent to provide a full coordination of this program.

A surrogacy program follows certain stages.

The first stage is a candidate selection. The issue demands a thorough consideration. Our medical centers have its own database of examined candidates who meet the requirements of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation.

A surrogate mother and the biological parents conclude an agreement on the basis of the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The agreement specifies the obligations of the parties. It is elaborated by lawyers with reference to any particular situation. The agreement stipulates all the issues including the compensation of the surrogate mother, the order of payment and the other points which are crucial for both the parties.

We exert a strict control on all the stages of the program and help to select a candidate who is able to carry your baby. We implement the medical part and facilitate the legal aspect of the program.

The lawyers of Nova Clinic are highly qualified and experienced in the field of the medical and family law. Our specialists are capable of solving all the issues related with the legal aspect of the program up to the registration of the baby at the Civil Registry office.

We guarantee that every surrogate mother has undergone a thorough examination, i.e. she is fully physically and mentally healthy, motivated and ready to join the program.

We assume the full responsibility for the quality of all the examinations and analyses as they are performed by our facilities.

Nova Clinic is a medical reproduction center. Our doctors are highly experienced in the ART field. So, you may be sure that all medical procedures are performed by efficient specialists. Nova Clinic would be glad to offer you pregnancy surveillance performed by our specialists in terms of a surrogacy agreement.

If you want to be observed by your doctor at another IVF clinic, we can elaborate an agreement relevant to your requirements. In this case we assume responsibility only for the legal aspect of the program.

Our clinic can offer you different types of agreements. You could opt for the one which meets all your requirements.

Once a surrogacy agreement with Nova Clinic is concluded, you may be sure that our specialists will help you to solve your problem!

The cost of surrogate mother services

If you turn to the bulletin boards with offers in the field of surrogacy, it will be easy to find out that the price for services of a woman who is ready to bear a baby for you is significantly lower than the cost of surrogacy program in any specialized center. And this is quite natural. The potential surrogate mother in the ad indicates the amount of compensation which is paid after the delivery of the baby. However, the cost of running the program is not limited by this payment. In this regard, specifying, for example, how much surrogacy costs in Moscow, you should be aware that during the procedure you will have to pay for all its stages. Below we would like to tell you more about each of them.

Prices for the examinations of a surrogate mother

A surrogate mother (as well as biological parents) must undergo an examination confirming her compliance with all necessary requirements. You will have to pay for all examinations. And if the woman’s state of health is not as good as she reported (and this, unfortunately, happens very often), then you will incur the same expenses for examining other potential surrogate mothers. The surrogate motherhood agency or law firm at the IVF clinic searches for suitable candidates and runs their preliminary examination. Therefore, browsing the database, you can be sure that each of these women is not only completely healthy physically and mentally, but also passed an interview with a professional psychologist.

Drawing up a contract with a surrogate mother

After you managed to find a surrogate mother and negotiate the cost of her services, you must conclude a contract that will indicate the rights and obligations of the parties within the framework of the agreement, as well as determine the size and procedure for payments. Of course, such an agreement can be concluded orally or in free form. However, as practice shows, it is advisable to seek the help of professional lawyers who specializes in the field of medical and family law, in particular, has an experience in the surrogacy procedure.

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Surrogacy: the cost of legal support

The surrogate motherhood agency or the legal department at the IVF clinic not only draws up a document, but also takes care of all legal issues and problems during the surrogacy program until the child is registered with the Civil Registry office inclusively.

IVF cost

Counting how much the program costs, you should not forget about the medical component. After signing the contract, an IVF program with a surrogate mother is carried out.

Thus, in addition to the amount of your expenses, you should include specialist consultations, the cost of IVF and all necessary drugs.

When you sign a contract with Nova Clinics, you can take advantage of the various packages of services, which have different prices, to support a surrogacy program, including those that include preparing for IVF and conducting the procedure in our own clinic. We guarantee highly qualified specialists and excellent technical equipment of the center.

Pregnancy management

After the pregnancy has occurred, the surrogate mother can theoretically return to her own city and be observed in the antenatal clinic at the place of residence. However, most biological parents rightly believe that it is better to manage the pregnancy of a surrogate mother in a clinic where highly qualified specialists work. This gives an opportunity to prevent possible complications during pregnancy and, if necessary, provide timely assistance. Thus, in the total amount of your expenses should include the price of housing for the surrogate mother, as well as the cost of the contract for pregnancy.

By contacting an agency of surrogate motherhood, you thereby delegate all the care of the surrogate mother to specialists.

Nova Clinic, within the framework of the contract, provides the surrogate mother with housing, makes monthly maintenance payments, controls the timeliness of visits to the medical center and her compliance with all the instructions of the attending physician. In a word, we completely undertake the solution of all domestic, technical and medical issues.


A surrogate mother can give birth for free, but usually genetic parents prefer to sign the contract for the labor management with one of the maternity hospitals or perinatal centers.

Thus, if we summarize all the expenses under the program, the cost of surrogacy in Russia in a specialized agency is unlikely to significantly exceed your expenses if you decide to go through all the stages yourself. At the same time, specialists will ensure that all the conditions of the contract are strictly implemented, as well as the high quality of medical and legal services, and you can be sure of success of the program.

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