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Surgical urology

Оперативная урология

Surgical urology is one of the areas of general surgery, involving the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system.

Surgical urology methods can be recommended for patients with diagnoses such as varicocele, hydrocele, prostatic hyperplasia, narrowing of the external opening of the urethra, obstruction of the vas deferens, epididymal cyst, oleogranulomas of the penis, phimosis and other pathologies.

In our clinics, minimally invasive methods are successfully used, demonstrating high efficiency and at the same time allowing to minimize organ trauma, as well as to significantly reduce the recovery time after surgery.

Our advantages

We do not prescribe tests, examinations and operations without an urgent need
We use only modern methods of treatment with proven effectiveness
We use the best equipment of the last generation

At "Nova Clinic" following surgeries are carried out:

  • Marmara surgery
  • Vasoepididymoanastomosis
  • Operations Winckelmann, Bergman
  • TESA testicular aspiration biopsy
  • Circumcision
  • Meatoplasty
  • Vasoresectio
  • Excision of the cyst of the epididymis
  • Removal of oleogranulomas of the penis
  • Frenuloplasty of prepuce of penis

Cost of urological operations

At "Nova Clinic" we use the most modern equipment, which makes it possible to successfully carry out the diagnosis and surgical treatment of urological pathologies. The urologists-andrologists of our network of reproductive centers have many years of successful experience in performing such skills and our specialists are constantly improving their skills. Being a world-class medical center, "Nova Clinic" provides the patients not only with high-quality medical care, but also with an appropriate level of comfort, which helps patients to recover in no time in the cozy hospital.

The cost of surgical treatment by urologists-andrologists at Nova Clinic starts from 20,300 rubles. You can get more information in the "Prices" section.

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