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Success Stories

We would like to address to all the intended parents who are implementing or are going to implement their surrogacy programs in Nova Clinic. First of all, we will begin with our own story. Of course, we don´t want to disclose our names and the country we come from, but we want to share our emotions with others.

We wanted to have a baby, but we were not able to because of a disease. It was hard times for us both. We started considering surrogacy, as the doctor had told us that I was not able to bear a child due to the pathology. On the website of an infertility forum we came across a surrogacy event in one city. We went there, visited most of the booths offering surrogacy services, thought over their proposals and decide on one clinic we liked most. It was Nova Clinic. At the very beginning we had some doubts, to tell you honestly. The clinic was located in another country. It would take us about four hours by plane to get there. But once we arrived at Moscow, visited Nova Clinic, met their staff and their coordinators, we had no doubts any longer. My husband and I signed a contract and our program started.

At the moment we are in the middle of it. Our surrogate mother is pregnant. Everything is going well. Everybody there is so friendly. They are real professionals! Since we saw the first ultrasound image of our baby we keep saying “We are parents!!! Finally we are parents thanks to Nova Clinic!!!” Moreover, we want to tell others considering surrogacy that you can make your wish come true with Nova Clinic! They are reliable, professional and just very good people!!


We would like to thank Dr. Barkov and all the staff of Nova Clinic for their care, commitment and support. It was a pleasure to meet them and have IVF treatment there. Though the process was connected with some emotional difficulties for me, the doctors were very supportive and considerate. I thought that egg collection was such a painful and long procedure, but it turned out to be quick and painless thanks to the doctors´ professionalism. Now I am four weeks pregnant! And it´s unbelievable, it´s so exciting to get pregnant after all these years of expectation. Thank you Nova Clinic!

Natalia y Diego

We would like to thank the staff of Nova Clinic and tell other intended parents our story, the story of happy parents!

Of course when people get married, they want to have a family and they want children. When you are young, you always think that you have the whole life ahead and there is no rush to have children right now. The whole world seems to be open and many exciting things and places are waiting for you. And we travelled a lot then. Time passes and you begin to realize that the most coveted desire now is not travelling, visiting different places and knowing various cultures of the world, but having a baby. Then we thought that the right time came and we were ready to become parents. We had been trying to conceive a baby for two years when we realized that something was wrong. After a visit to the gynecologist and undergoing a thorough examination, I was diagnosed with a serious pathology. The doctor said that I was not able to conceive naturally. Moreover, if I had conceived, I wouldn´t have been able to bear a child. It was a great shock for us. It was like a bolt out of the blue. But we were firm in our decision to become parents at any cost. We tried IVF, IVF with ICSI, but all the attempts were unsuccessful. And when we were really desperate I came across an article about Polish women bearing children for childless Dutch couples. I remember I couldn´t believe my eyes. It meant that we could have a baby too! My husband and I spoke it over and decided to try. Surely, we spent a lot of time in Internet navigating and searching information on surrogacy. We sent a heap of mails to clinics and agencies. We were considering various options in different countries where surrogacy was legal and decided on Russia. At the beginning we had some doubts, but after visiting Nova Clinic we felt we wanted to do it with them. Though the process of selecting a surrogate mother, a woman who will be bearing your baby, and an egg donor is always hard for intended parents, our doctor and coordinator were very supportive throughout the whole process. From the very beginning we were pleased with the way they organized our trip, the consultations, the meeting and, well, everything! Russia is far from the place we live, but I can say you can feel conformable anywhere when such kind people as Nova Clinic´s team support you and follow up every stage of the process. When the doctor transferred embryos and we were waiting for a test result…well, it was the most difficult and emotional moment ever. When they told us that our surrogate mother is pregnant, I thought my heart would burst with happiness!!! You know when you realize that your dream is becoming true, you just can´t stop crying with happiness!! Now our surrogate is on the 13th week of pregnancy. Every day brings happiness and excitement! And we just want to share this wonderful point with the world and thank Nova Clinic for the miracle they made for us!


"We would like to thank Nova Clinic for their commitment and help! We had tried to conceive a baby for 6 years. We made the first attempt, but it turned negative, then the second one – negative… Then it was a long period of expectation before the third one. We were at a loss, we were really despaired. Then we decided to turn to Nova Clinic. We were very pleased with their approach to our case and with their friendly attitude. I must admit that the time from the beginning of the stimulation to the pregnancy confirmation was full of tension and various emotions… But it all faded away when we learnt that the pregnancy test was positive! It was a mix of happiness, tears, excitement and the realization that we would become parents very soon. Now our son is two years old. We are the happiest family in the world thanks to Nova Clinic!

Susan and Jay

"I can not thank enough the doctors, nurses and staff Of Nova Clinic for the care and attention I have received from them. Infertility is a thing that no one wants to admit. My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ogorodnikov. He was always eager to help, and I never felt pressed for time, nor had he ever been annoyed with my questions. The nurses at the clinic are also very professional and friendly (Special thanks to Anna!). Frankly speaking, I didn't expect that the very first attempt would be successful, and I'm happy to say that I'm currently pregnant after a frozen embryo transfer. Thank you, Nova, for help and support!" Maria D.

"We greatly appreciated your realistic approach and your honesty. You've been a great help and support through the challenge with IVF. You have always helped us with understanding all the options and choosing the course of treatment that was right for our situation. When after our first IVF cycle it became clear that things were not working the way we had hoped for, your care, support and the attitude that "you should never give up" appeared to be so important. After all the emotional ups and downs we've travelled through along our journey of infertility,we treasure a "wonderful feeling to have a life growing inside of you". Sabine

We've met and decided to have a child when I was 41. I was told I was not able to carry a pregnancy but a surrogate mother would be a very good option for me, because my eggs were still in a very good condition. I visited few hospitals in Russia and Ukraine with my husband and met doctors and management before taking decision. Finally we had all information about surrogacy and Clinics and made our choice. My husband and family supported me and give permission to go ahead should I wish so. I underwent blood tests and ultrasound examination, and signed a few forms as a part of the procedure. We have nothing but all the best things to say about Nova Clinic! You gave us a chance to become a mother and father, and we will be forever grateful for it. But besides this, what you give is the dignity, the warmth, the understanding and compassion that every staff member showed me. I never felt alone throughout this incredibly difficult experience. Of course, we are also thankful for the success of the procedure and the fact that we were through the hospital quickly, with no further complications and with a quick recovery. V.Bruckel

We have started to prepare for IVF treatment using donor eggs and donor sperm at 2010. We carefully read all the information available in internet about this, discussed our problem with specialists, only then we've chosen to come in Russia for treatment. We were impressed with the knowledge and obvious expertise in this field when visited you in 2011. We were made to feel extremely welcome in your country and at the clinic as well. Nova Clinic provided airport pickup,accommodation, a member of a staff who accompanied us and helped us with taxi, with our credit card, with hotel, etc.

But what really matters is the treatment we've received. The procedure was clearly explained to us and the doctors were available every day at the clinic or at the phone. Unfortunately our attempt at IVF was not successful, but the care, understanding and constant support we received at Nova means we will return very soon, this winter. We wish to thank Dr Ogorodnikov for support and advice! Alex

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