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Materials for IVF

What do we use for a successful IVF?

One of the most important factors influencing a result of IVF is media suitable for embryo cultivation. At some stage of the development of extracorporeal fertilization techniques embryologists used to create media for embryo cultivation using the biological technologies known at that time. With IVF becoming more used for infertility treatment, commercial media for human embryo cultivation were developed. And they have been developing since then.

There are various embryo culture media produced by a number of companies: from the company-leaders as COOK, Origio, Irvinescientific up to less well-known ones. It is absolutely clear that the stability and quality of media are guarantees of a good result.

As all the other consumable materials for IVF, embryo culture media are expensive enough. The cost of the program largely depends on their cost. For that very reason we recommend you to consider all pros and contras, if the cost of an IVF program is lower than average. A lower cost usually implies that cheaper equipment for embryo cultivation, less qualitative puncture needles and other cheap materials are used for IVF, which means that the probability of achieving a positive result is reduced.

Embryo culture media are very fragile in terms of preservation terms and conditions, and the techniques of their preparation for an IVF program. To consider all the stages of technological process is very important. The specialists of Nova Clinic prefer media produced by СOOK and Origio, the leading companies in embryo culture media production. Wide consumption and the absence of strict requirements for discarding and purchase of media produced by certain companies give the embryologists of Nova Clinic a possibility to order both expensive and affordable materials for a better result of embryo cultivation. We have the latest innovations in the area of embryo culture media; we can offer our patients the materials which proved to be good and are used in other countries.

Our clinic can guarantee an excellent quality of services.

  • We use only media of high quality and production of COOK Medical or Vetrolife.
  • They were certified in the Russian Federation. The certificates on the production are available on the first request.

Since 1963 СООК Medical (USA, Denmark, Ireland) is one of the leading companies manufacturing over 85 000 items for various fields of medicine. All their production for IVF procedures is always of the highest quality. It is produced according to the international standards and approved by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation. It was certified in Russia.

In 2008 in Copenhagen it was the first case in history when the annual reward, the CIRSE Gold Medal for outstanding services and innovation medical techniques, was given not to a doctor, but to Bill Cook, a businessman, researcher and scientist, the founder and owner of СООК Medical.

The main function of IVF media Vitrolife is a creation of a physiological medium for production, cultivation, preservation, transfer of sperm, oocytes (egg cells) and/or embryos produced in the result of extracorporeal fertilization (IVF).

The quality of production of Vitrolife Sweden AB corresponds to the norm ISO 13485:2003.

The certificate of conformity to safety measures DNV (Det Norske Veritas) № 2006-OSL-AQ-0445 (see it attached) was given to Vitrolife Sweden AB by the Classification society of Norway. A QMI™ certificate, i.e. a certificate of conformity to the Canadian Medical Devices Conformity Assessment System (CMDCAS) (see it attached) was given to the company on the 6th of March, 2006.