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IVF in menopause

It is usually said that menopause signals are the end of the fertile phase of a woman’s life. However, at the present stage of the development of Assisted Reproduction Techniques, the situation has changed.

A woman aged 40-50 is able to become a happy mother.

If she has no contraindications, the fertility specialist may recommend her to undergo an IVF procedure even in menopause.

If the woman’s health state is good, but her ovarian reserve is exhausted due to her age, she is able to gestate a baby. IVF with donated egg cells performed even in the period of menopause makes it possible for her. An oocyte donated by a strong woman is fertilized with the sperm of the patient’s spouse, and the created embryos are transferred into the patient’s uterus.

As the woman’s hormone level changes due to menopause, a three-month course of hormone therapy is performed to ensure the regular pregnancy devolvement in the first trimester.

After three months the patient stops taking the hormone medicines and gestate her baby in a natural way.