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Preparation for IVF

Extracorporeal fertilization treatment (IVF) requires a preliminary preparation. On the first stage of it, the main issue is ovarian reserve estimate, i.e. the fertility specialist prognoses how your ovaries will be functioning during stimulation of superovulation.

Ovarian reserve estimate is done in the following ways:

  • FSH and inhibin B content estimation in the blood;
  • Antral follicles estimation at the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

Pregnancy achievement is reduced if the FSH level is above the norm.

Preparation for IVF also includes treatment of all uterine pathologies, i.e. polyps and synechia. Another factor that may influence an outcome of IVF attempt is hydrosalpinx – liquid accumulated in the Fallopian tubes due to the inflammatory process (salpingitis). Being embryotoxic, the liquid prevents a woman from conceiving a baby. In such a case the tube should be removed.

Before undergoing IVF treatment a man must do a semen test (spermogram). If a result of the test is not good, it should be discussed with a specialist dealing with male infertility. He will give recommendations on how to improve the result. In some case, fertility specialists recommend a genetic examination.

As far as the necessary tests and examinations are concerned, they include tests for HIV, Hepatitis B, and C, syphilis, antibodies to rubella as well as smear infection tests, in some cases the doctor may recommend a patient to make hormone level tests. Only a comprehensive examination may reflect the entire health state and serve as a guideline for efficient treatment.

What should be taken into account before undergoing IVF?

One of the main requirements is tobacco abstinence. Cigarette smoke affects the morphological properties of egg cells and spermatozoa due to its toxicity.

You must stop taking medicines which were not prescribed by the doctor. Some of them may affect the outcome of IVF treatment.

No narcotic drugs! They prevent a couple from conceiving a baby, as they affect male and female fertility. Narcotic substances consumption during pregnancy is very dangerous for your future child’s health state.

Overweight affects conception as well. It slows down ovarian reaction to stimulation of superovulation. A diet will help you lose weight.

Alcohol consumption may affect sperm count and motility. It is even more injurious for a woman’s health state: toxic substances are dangerous for the fetus. If a woman consumes alcohol during early pregnancy, there is a risk of fetal malformations and pathologies. While being in an IVF protocol, the couple is strongly recommended to abstain from alcohol.


  1. Folic acid reduces the risk of neural tube malformations. That’s why 400 gr of folic acid should be consumed every day for three months before conception and after it.
  2. Inoculate yourselves against rubella if you are immune positive to it. If a woman is affected by rubella when she is pregnant, it may cause fetal pathologies.
  3. Do everyday exercises (20-30 minutes) to stay well and positive.
  4. Inform your doctor on your chronicle diseases to enable him to adjust the IVF treatment plan.