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Surrogacy legislation in different countries of the world

In this section, we'd like to make a detailed overview of surrogacy in the aspect of its legal regulation.

Surrogacy in Norway, Sweden, France is officially forbidden.

In Germany surrogacy is illegal as well. The offenders are fraught with the significant penalty and custodial restraint for a period of up to three years.

In Italy surrogacy is illegal. Italian law in the field of assisted reproductive technologies passed last year is one of the most conservative laws in Europe. It bans donation of eggs or sperm, embryo investigation and cryopreservation, as well as the surrogate motherhood. The Roman Catholic Church opposes all kinds of assisted reproductive technologies in humans. The childless Italian couples participate in surrogacy programs in other countries where surrogacy is legally allowed.

Poland is the country where surrogacy, as a way to combat infertility, is banned. On the one hand, Polish society gives support to surrogacy as a method to produce a genetically related child, considering surrogacy as one of the main means of solving the infertility issue among married couples. On the other hand, the Polish Catholic Church opposes surrogate motherhood. Polish government and parliament take the indeterminate stance between the official position of the Roman Church and public opinion, thereby procrastinating on surrogacy legislation.

Since 2002, surrogacy in Estonia is banned. Legislation of Estonia stipulates punishment for both the woman who is acting as a surrogate mother as well as the physician who performs in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Surrogacy in Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Czech Republic is not regulated by the law.

In Finland the services of surrogate mothers are available. This is not prohibited and at the same time not regulated as far as the current legislation is concerned.

Surrogacy in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Israel is legally permitted, but surrogate mother's contract must be approved by a special committee which includes social workers, physician and clergymen. The surrogate mother must have a single mother status.

Surrogacy in the Netherlands, Spain, Canada is permitted.

ART methods are practiced in many countries, a popular method of infertility treatment in India and in Ukraine is surrogacy. It is not less popular in Russia. Our advantages are our equipment, quality and cost of services.