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Baby born by surrogate taken away from parents by Italian judge


CREMONA –a terrific story. A child aged a year and a half was taken away from its parents by a judge of the Court in Crema, a town in the province of Cremona (Lombardy), Italy.

It is known that surrogacy is prohibited in Italy. However, there are still many childless couples who want to become parents, but they can’t due toproblem with their health. What option do they have? Surrogacy?Maybe. But where should they go to do it, if Italy prohibits this practice? And so they go to places like Ukraine whose legal right allows it. There surrogacy is legal and there is a certain hope to become parents, after all…

The desire of an Italian couple to become parents was carried out by a center of reproductive medicineBioTexComsituated in Kiev. It should be also mentioned that the same BioTexaccomplished the same desire of another Italian couple several years ago. It was the same agency, pregnancy achieved after several attempts, twins one of which died after the delivery and a surrogate mother who was extorting money from the biological parents. Thankfully, the story of this couple went without these “complications” in Ukraine… all complications met the couple on their return to Italy.

In line with the Ukrainian law the biological parents can register the baby born by a surrogate under their names. The couple made three trips to Ukraine, paid 30.000 euro to BioTexComandsampled their biological material. The hCG test confirmed pregnancy. The surrogate was expecting twins, but one of them died during the delivery. After the baby was born, the couple received its birth certificate. Everything was going smooth until the couple returned to Italy.

Ricengo, a province in Lombardy region of Italy with 1.767 citizens, is a small town. All citizens know each other and many of them are even related. There you can always find a person with very good intentions. For example, this person may be your neighbor or some vigilant official worker who is always curious about your personal life: have you become a mother? Congratulations! But how can it be possible? I didn’t have an idea that you were in a baby coming way…

The denunciation made by the same vigilant official reached the Juvenile court of Brescia. The couple from Crema was accused of the alteration of civil status and the forgery, as the Ukrainian birth certificate was recognized illegal in Italy. Moreover, the DNA test failed to confirm that the legal father was the biological father of the child.So, it was taken away and put into a special public structure. What the outcome of the story will be nobody knows. However, the next court session is to be held on the 14th of January. Is there any possibility to reunite they family? Why should the officials take the baby away from such a good family? Do they think it will do them all a lot of good?

Nevertheless, Russia canbreathe a sigh of relief. The Russian practice in the area of surrogacy has never seen such terrible cases. Though in Russia surrogacy costs are higher than in Ukraine, Russian lawyers can give a solid guarantee to the intended parents. They candeal with all the legal aspects to help future parents evade possible difficulties both with the Italian Consulate in Russia and with the Registry in Italy.

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