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Underweight and pregnancy

Underweight and pregnancy

Fertility specialists have discovered a new treatment method of female infertility caused by underweight and by a rigorous work-out in a gym.

For the last decades the notion of the perfect figure has changed a lot. That’s why modern women keep to a strict diet and do a lot of physical exercise. However, women, who think that they lose their “overweight”, reduce their chances to get pregnant. Fat cells and their special ferments synthesize hormones, i.e. estrogens, indispensable for the regulation of a menstrual cycle. Consequently, after all these diets and work-out in a gym women have to turn to specialized fertility centers and undergo IVF treatment to get pregnant.

Fortunately, the fertility specialists have discovered how to restore female fertility without applying high-tech techniques. The treatment is based on kisspeptin use (“protein of kiss”) that stimulates ovarian activity. The specialists add that the new method gives an opportunity to become mothers to professional sportswomen who can get pregnant even if they train a lot.

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