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Cryostorage in Tomsk

Cryostorage in Tomsk

A cryostorage has been opened in Tomsk region to preserve gametes of people who choose to have a baby later due to some reason. The storage can hold up to 3.500 specimens of biological material at the same time.

Sometimes it becomes necessary for people to have their eggs and sperm cryoconserved and preserved because they have to undergo treatment of oncological diseases with chemo- or radiotherapy which may produce an adverse effect on their fertility or cause infertility. Sometimes people choose to do it because their job is hazardous for their health and life. Women may want to “postpone” pregnancy because they want to make career and become well-provided for. In all these case vitrification of eggs and sperm is reasonable.

At the moment preservation of biological material is commercial, said the deputy of the director of Tomsk perinatal center. However, if there will be a high demand for cryoconservation of gametes, it may be coved by insurance in future, she added.

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