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5 million children born through IVF

5 million children born through IVF

Australian scientists have come to the conclusion that the age of a sperm donor influences the outcome of IVF. The research carried out by the scientists involved 200 men and over 450 women.

The genetic material of the participants was in the compliance with WHO (World Health Organization) requirements. The researches were particularly interested in sperm count and spermatozoa motility.

All the participating women were under the age of 40 and had no fertility problem.

Having studied the outcomes of the IVF programs, the scientists found out that IVF efficiency was higher in programs with sperm donated by men under 45 years old.

The results of the sperm tests made by the male participants did not differ much. Therefore, the researches presumed that the different outcomes of the IVF procedures were caused by oxidative stress in sperm. The matter is that an excessive number of reactive oxygen species (ROS) affects the DNA of male gametes. If a spermatozoon with affected DNA fertilizes an egg cell, the conception either is not achieved at all or results in an embryo with poor morphologic properties. It is known that one of the factors that cause oxidative reaction is a man’s age.

However, female patients of Russian IVF centers shouldn’t be concerned with it: in compliance with the Order 107n issued by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation a sperm donor must be under 35 years old.

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