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Doctors Nova Clinic at the XX congress «Men’s health»

Doctors Nova Clinic at the XX congress «Men’s health»
Urologists and andrologists of our reproduction center Sadykov Guseiin and Petrishchev Vladlen took part in the XX congress devoted to issues of male health, held in Sochi from 25 to 27 April 2024.

The event discussed important problems related to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the male sexual sphere, including infertility:
  • the ability to predict the effectiveness of the embryological stage of VRT based on the evaluation of the microbiota of ejaculate;
  • genetic aspects of oxidative stress in male infertility;
  • new horizons in operative treatment of patients with prostate hyperplasia;
  • changes in hemostasis in patients with various variants of pathospermia;
  • Phenotypes of men with AZF locus deletions and many other issues.
Every year the event brings together leading specialists in the field of urology and andrology from Russia and other countries of the world, who have the opportunity to discuss the most urgent problems and innovative methods, and to share experience with colleagues.

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