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Lifestyle and habits significantly affect male fertility

Lifestyle and habits significantly affect male fertility

American scientists have analyzed interrelation between men´s lifestyle and the state of their reproductive system. Based on the research they managed to discover a number of factors that affect fertility and might cause infertility.

Ingestion of anabolic steroids. Many men (both sportsmen and habitués of gyms) combine exercises with ingestion of anabolic steroids that stimulate muscle growth. Hormonal changes cause erectile dysfunction and infertility.

Excessive exercises. Specialists affirm that even in case of rejection to take anabolic steroids men subjected to excessive exercises might experience difficulties conceiving. As in the previous case, it is due to hormonal changes. Excessive steroid production causes decrease in testosterone levels.

If a man wears tight underwear, the infertility risk increases. The fact that the temperature of testicles increases that affects spermatogenesis, the process of spermatozoa production and maturation. For the same reason fertility reduction might happen to men that visit frequently to the sauna.

Avitaminosis (principally the lack of vitamins B, C and E) and zinc deficiency in the body also might cause reduction of male reproductive function.

And, of course, planning the birth of a child it is worth giving up bad habits. Smoking and alcohol quite often cause reduction of sperm concentration and mobility in ejaculate.

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