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Pregnant – no physical activity?

Pregnant – no physical activity?

In course of their research American doctors arrived to a conclusion that around 25% of pregnant women in the US prefer staying in bed during all pregnancy. Normally, bed rest is recommended in case of various complications such as the risk of a miscarriage or arterial hypertension. However, the fertility specialists claim that the refusal from physical activity can´t help avoid all possible risks. The reason is sedentary life causes gestational diabetes and thrombophilia. Moreover, it reduces muscle tone and develops depression. The researchers also mention that the weight of children born to women being on bed rest all pregnancy is inferior of the norm. In this connection they don´t recommend to follow instructions restricting almost all physical activity. It´s very important to keep it in mind, as it happens often that the doctor recommends bed rest even if he is not sure that it will produce any positive effect on the health condition of a pregnant woman.

As we mentioned earlier, sedentary life increases the risk of thrombosis being one of its causes. It’s also known that blood coagulation disorders are mostly found when a woman gets pregnant.

So, poor physical activity can be one of the causes of diabetes in pregnant women, as it increases blood sugar.

As for depression is concerned, it can be caused by the fact that a pregnant woman feels isolated from others and she has to refuse from her habitual life style.

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