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The General Manager of Nova Clinic about the issue of age limits for women under IVF treatment in TV transmission “Pust govoryat”


The issue of age limits for patients of IVF medical centers is often discussed worldwide. It is clear that fertility specialists, politicians and lawyers haven’t come to a common conclusion yet. Maternity at the mature age is either hotly approved by some people or disapproved by others. Whereas some people believe that a woman has the right to become mother at any age, others indicate to the fact that the task of a woman is not only to deliver a child, but also to be able to bring up and educate her child, which requires a lot of efforts and time. What if a child is born when his or her mother is 60 years old? Will she be able to give her child as much time and care as she is supposed to?

The General Manager of Nova Clinic was invited as an expert in this field to the TV transmission “Pust govoryat” where he commented the issue. The TV transmission is available on YouTube link of Nova Clinic.

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