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Do you want a baby? Never be jealous

Do you want a baby? Never be jealous

There are various factors that may cause infertility. And not only somatic diseases cause it. Emotional shock and stress have negative effect on our organism causing the dysfunction of different organs and systems.

Recently a group of Australian researches studied how negative emotions affected our health state.

It proves that envious people run a high risk of a heart attack; greedy ones have gastrointestinal tract disorders and digestion dysfunctions which provoke anorexia and bulimia. Stop feeling self-pity! Otherwise you run a risk of developing high acetylcholine which causes liver diseases. Jealousy affects gamete production which is fraught with chronic fatigue syndrome and infertility in women, and erectile dysfunction in men. This research is another proof of the saying “You must love and care for yourself”. The researches claim that the feel of guilty and excess reflection reduce our immunity. However, they state that disorders can be brought only by emotions you feel permanently. Occasional self-pitying feel doesn’t hurt much.

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