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The success of the gynecologist: knowledge, practice and experience of colleagues

The success of the gynecologist: knowledge, practice and experience of colleagues

Nova Clinic and L-Mag organized the conference “Laparoscopy in gynecology - practical aspects”.

During the event, the participants had the opportunity not only to listen to the highly qualified specialists of Nova Clinic and Research Institute of Oncology but also to observe in real time the work of the professionals, which was broadcast from the operating room.

On the conference participants discussed such topics as laparoscopic hysterectomy with lymphadenectomy, hysteroscopy before ART, and the treatment of deep forms of endometriosis (including relapses).

The effectiveness of surgical intervention largely depends on the high qualifications and practical experience of a doctor. That is why the event included “live” surgery. All the participants could observe the work of their colleagues on the screens, raise questions and exchange opinions.

This presentation allows medical specialists to improve their skills and use them in the future even more effectively.

Irina Zorina, Ph.D., medical director of Nova Clinic, spoke about the tactics of managing patients with the reduced fertility after surgical treatment of pathologies of the pelvic organs. Dr. Zorina noted that even at the stage of the preparation for surgery, the doctor should have information about the woman’s age, ovarian reserve, reproductive history, the absence of factors which could reduce the chances of successful implantation of the embryo, and the age of a man. Dr. Zorina stated that all these factors are extremely important in the treatment of patients of reproductive age (up to 44 years).

Dr. Zorina also noted the undoubted importance of the interaction of reproduction specialists and surgeons in the treatment of patients with infertility. The chances of getting pregnant are directly depended on age. The sooner the surgery is performed, the sooner infertility specialist can proceed to the treatment of infertility.

At the conference, participants also summarized the results of the year and discussed new trends in the field of operative gynecology.

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