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Italy to allow egg and sperm donation

Italy to allow egg and sperm donation

Italian Constitutional Court has abolished the ban on gamete donation. Many couple have been waiting for the abolishment over 10 years since 2004 when the government decided to obtain more voices from the conservative population and attain the support of the Church.

Beatrice Lorenzin, Italian Minister of Health, claimed that in line with the court decision the Parliament must revise the effective law to allow egg and sperm donation in Italy.

When the law was still in effect, couples with severe infertility forms were forced to go abroad and turn to medical centers in countries where gamete donation was allowed. Statistics data say that only 2012 saw 4.000 childless couples going abroad for fertility treatment with donated eggs and sperm.

Even with the revised law in effect, surrogacy is still banned in Italy, which makes people who desperately want to become parents, but are not able to though IVF and gamete donation, go to Russia, the U.S., Mexico and other countries where surrogacy is legal.

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