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The number of women freezing their eggs is booming

The number of women freezing their eggs is booming

According to the statistics provided by British specialists, egg freezing for later use in an IVF cycle is becoming more in demand. For example, the number of patients who applied to fertility centers to freeze their eggs increased by 4 times in 2014.

Noteworthy that formerly who mainly would undergo the procedure was a woman that had reached a sufficient mature age, when the ovarian reserve was starting decreasing and the quality of gametes was becoming worse. Now, there is a clear trend towards reducing the average age among patients who have decided to take advantage of oocyte vitrification and there are a growing number of patients who is under the age of thirty.

Experts from the UK also mentioned that the number of women who went to fertility clinics for IVF treatment using donor embryos almost doubled last year. In addition, the demand for artificial insemination has increased by nearly the same percentage.

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